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My Wedding Story!!

April 4, 2017

Many girls grow up dreaming of their perfect wedding fairytale. We are taught to desire the perfect dress, flower arrangements, and decor. We envision the moment where we walk down the isle with all eyes on us. Our groom is foooineeee, 6 foot, with everything marked off our list of what we want in a man.

The thing is, although there is nothing wrong with having your wedding turn out the exact way you dream, this is not the reality for everyone. The truth is, this was not my reality.

The world does a great job at preparing us for the wedding day but not such a great job at preparing us for marriage. These weddings are extravagant, lovely, and picture perfect. There are so many professionals there to help… from a wedding planner, to the florist, receptionist, photographer, travel agent, caterer, and so on. So many people contribute to this one time event and help you prepare for this moment that will change your life forever. The only thing is… after you cut the cake, make a toast, and dance the night away… everyone leaves and goes back to there normal lives. At that time, you will have the responsibility, along with your spouse, of working out your marriage together.


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Beware of The Modern Day Occult!

February 16, 2017

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to make this post to inform you guys of different things I see in the media and fashion industry that I want you to beware of. If you partake in any of these modern day practices, you can open up the door for demonic activity in your life and we don’t need that!

Just to give you a general idea, partaking in activities such as: “checking your horoscope”, playing with magic, Ouija boards, going to a “fortune teller”, wearing clothes and symbols sacrificed to idols, bringing unclean objects into your home and so much more, can open the door for demonic activity.


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I’m Going on Tour! I Can’t Wait to Meet You!!!

February 9, 2017

Hey Everyone!

I have some exciting news to share!!!

Since 2015 it’s been my dream to have a National Book Tour but 2016 went by and it still didn’t happen. Then at the end of 2016, I got the vision of “The Writers Retreat” and I shut down my other business to pour into this new baby. The Writers Retreat is a 3-4 day event where christian writers of all genres can come together to relax, unplug, get inspired and birth their God-given writing projects. It’s literally a big sleepover full of like-minded believers and it’s totally my dream come true!


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Diary Entry #16 – Overcoming my Fear of Public Speaking!

February 2, 2017

Hey everyone,

I wanted to give a brief update of what’s been going on with me lately.

I feel like this year, God is bringing me into another level of my calling. Specifically, the area of public speaking. To be honest, this is something I have been running away from for years. I have tried to escape that place of influence for several reasons. #1… I never thought I was worthy enough to speak… I thought, “who am I? I am not qualified… I am not anyone special, and I am not any better than anyone else.. so why should I be the one to speak?” This is the unhealthy mindset that I am still battling to overcome, because it is rooted in false humility. It is a lack of faith in God’s ability and too much dependence on the human flesh. The revelation I got of this is what inspired my most recent Facebook status. Usually when I post anything online, I am preaching to myself.


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5 Types of Demonic Dreams!

January 26, 2017

Hey Everyone,

A lot of you mentioned that you wanted me to blog more about dreams so I thought a good topic to talk about would be the different types demonic dreams to watch out for. I not only want to list these types of dreams, but provide you with different ways you can respond to them. I get attacked in my dreams sometimes. That’s just what happens when you’re living for Jesus. Sometimes we are targeted because the enemy wants to wipe us out, but sometimes it’s simply because we ourselves have allowed seeds of lust, fear, and other things to grow in our hearts.


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