Diary Entry #8 – Being OK with Being Me

I noticed something today… the enemy will try to plant negative thoughts in my head to throw little jabs at my self-esteem. If I’m passive and don’t take action immediately to cast down those thoughts, I will find myself in a discouraging place. The…

December 13, 2016
Diary Dreams

Diary Entry #6 – My End Time Dreams

The atmosphere is heavy… can you sense it? I can tell when there is a shifting… I can see the impending judgement upon our nation. There is a war going on in the spirit realm. For the past 4 weeks or so I have been…

December 4, 2016
Diary Spiritual Warfare

Diary Entry #4 – Spirits are Real!

Today was an amazing day. My husband was off from work so we got to spend some quality time with each other and also got to fellowship with some like-minded believers at our church’s marriage bible study! Yet the best part of my day…

December 1, 2016

Diary Entry #2 – The Truth About my Life

It’s 1:55am in the morning. I am soothed by the pitter-patter of the rain brushing against our apartment walls and the illumination from the christmas tree lights that’s drifted it’s way through the cracks of our bedroom door. Beside me, my precious gifts sleep in silence and…

November 29, 2016

Diary Entry #1 – Sunday Blues

Can I be real with ya’ll? I did not want to go to church today! I had to force myself out of that bed because I know that this fight is not physical, it’s spiritual. So I made it there… and lugged Evey in…

November 28, 2016

Introduction: My Diary – The Blog Series

Hey everyone, I want to try a new thing on here where I can just be transparent about my life struggles and triumphs, what I’m going through in that moment, and also share what’s keeping me encouraged and helping me get through! I want…

November 28, 2016

$10 DIY Baby Tutu for Her First Birthday

Hey Everyone! Last month Evey had her first birth party and of course, just like any other mother, I wanted my Princess to standout for the occasion! So I got the idea of having her wear her first tutu at her birthday party but…

November 16, 2016

How to Know When You’re Ready to Walk in Your Calling

“But the LORD said to me, “Do not say, ‘I am too young.’ You must go to everyone I send you to and say whatever I command you.” – Jeremiah 1:7 This was me. “God I’m not ready,” “God I’m too young,” “God I’m…

September 5, 2016
Business Faith

Why HER Success Won’t Diminish Yours!

Sister, your willingness or unwillingness to help other believers succeed says a lot about your faith in God or lack thereof. Be honest with yourself… do you cringe when your sister in Christ gets the promotion you wanted, engaged, pregnant, launches a new product,…

August 30, 2016

10 Proven Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Site!

The response that I got from my blog post: Passive Income: My Secrets to Making Money From Home was out of this world! I was surprised to see how much people were interested in this topic and many of you asked for a follow-up post on how…

August 22, 2016

Passive Income: My Secrets to Making Money from Home!

  I love being a stay-at-home mommy and wife!!! But I don’t just sit around all day! I believe that if more believers educated themselves concerning multiple streams of income, we could do more for God’s Kingdom! Passive income is money that can be made…

August 15, 2016

All About My NEW RED HAIR!!!

I’m a big fan of protective styling! I simply don’t have time to do my hair everyday with all of life’s demands. I’m a mommy, wife, and business owner so I try to find convenient styles that come in a package! I also try…

August 12, 2016

5 Things That Being a Young Wife Has Taught Me!

  1.Don’t let anyone look down on you “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” – 1 Timothy 4:12 When you’re a…

August 11, 2016
Spiritual Warfare

Undercover Homosexual Needing Deliverance!

I get it. It’s something that you struggle with and it’s a secret. Everyone from your church would look at you with the side eye if you “came out of the closet” and you feel like more people would judge you rather than sit…

November 17, 2014

The Truth about Worrying

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the things of the world and allow worrisome thoughts to invade our minds. Many times I’ve felt like I’ve missed the mark. I feared not having enough strength to accomplish my worldly goals and I had…

February 21, 2014