Spiritual Warfare

Beware of The Modern Day Occult!

February 16, 2017

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to make this post to inform you guys of different things I see in the media and fashion industry that I want you to beware of. If you partake in any of these modern day practices, you can open up the door for demonic activity in your life and we don’t need that!

Just to give you a general idea, partaking in activities such as: “checking your horoscope”, playing with magic, Ouija boards, going to a “fortune teller”, wearing clothes and symbols sacrificed to idols, bringing unclean objects into your home and so much more, can open the door for demonic activity.

Personally, I’ve seen a rise of occult symbolism invade the fashion industry.

For example, a nail polish line that I had once subscribed to, has a new “Zodiac Collection”. I believe these different products can carry spirits along with them. Below you see them write a short “fortune” of what Pisces can expect to get out of the year. Satan is all in the fashion industry, so don’t buy from any company without doing your research first!



Here is another company that sells “birthday clothes” called birthdaygirl.com

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 10.18.06 AM


They have you choose your zodiac sign, and then they pull up a lot of clothing options with your sign listed on them. I beg to differ that none of these signs “do it better”!

You are also probably very familiar with the new trend: “Good Vibes Only”goodvibesonly_1024x1024

These shirts can be literally found in almost every store. This is a false ideology being widely spread… where people are no longer desiring to be led by the Holy Spirit himself, but by “vibrations” and “energies” they feel in the atmosphere. In other words, they are open to being led by demons themselves that can influence them to feel such things. Trust God. Not your “vibes”, whether they be bad or “good”.

I hope you all will start to pay a little more attention when you go out shopping, if you haven’t already. I know this was a short article but it’s very important so I had to say something about it.


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